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This is still a bit under development. Basically when you have an AVI file that also plays properly in Soramimi Karaoke, then to do the lipsyncing properly, you need a so-called Sync file.

Usually, the AVI file is a bit shifted from your mp3, so we need something that indicates how much the skew is between the timecodes.

A sync file an exact copy of your timecoded lyrics, but with all the times shifted, so Soramimi Karaoke can work out where the AVI needs to play.

How to make a Sync file.
Steps you have to take in advance:

  1. Timecode your song and save everything
  2. Make an AVI file that's playable in Soramimi Karaoke
    You can test it by just copying the file to your specific song folder, running Soramimi Karaoke and add your song.
    If it pops up with an error when opening the AVI frame or something, you need to do something about the format.
    The format I often use is: 320x240 pixels, 29.9/30fps, DIVX compression, 160kbps mp3 sound.
  3. Make a .wav or .mp3 file of the sound track of your AVI file.
  4. Open the Soramimi Tools
  5. Load your project files so you've got something to time with.
  6. Load your .wav of .mp3 AVI output into the tools through "File" -> "Open"
    Now you should have your timed lyrics and sound file that's out of sync with the text.
  7. Play the music that's out of sync
  8. Timeshift your lyrics so they match with the AVI soundtrack. (See also: Timeshifting)
  9. When it's back in sync, apply your timeshifts.
  10. Now push the SMMTools_Button_SaveAVISync.gif button.
    It will save your newly timed lyrics to a _Sync.snc file.

If every step went well, the next time you play your song with the AVI file in it, it will be in sync with the mp3.

AVI sync hints

When you're timeshifting to the AVI output, its best to have the lyrics lag about 10milliseconds behind so the sync will be a bit nicer.
This might be a bit weird, but the later your synced lyrics are timed to the AVI the earlier the AVI plays in Soramimi Karaoke. This is because it calculates the skew with the mp3 timecoded lyrics.