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What is timeshifting? In Soramimi it means you add time to or subtract time from the timecodes. When you've got timecodes from somewhere else, there's a big chance the timecoded lyrics don't match with your mp3.
Also, when you're doing a Karaoke version of the same song that came from a single CD, they're not always 100% the same as the
Timeshifting is still a bit buggy and troublesome in Soramimi Karaoke, but here goes:

  • Play your song by hitting play on the music player.
  • Bring up the Timeshifter through the "Timecodes" menu.

Now, you can see your lyrics coming up in the LyricsDisplayer.
If you notice that the lyrics are lagging behind, press the "Earlier" button.
If they're displayed too quickly, press the "Later" button.

You'll notice that, the amount shifted might be too much. For example, the lyrics are displayed to late and you hit By default, the amount to shift is set to 1 second, which, in most cases, might a bit too much.
You can change the amount by moving the slider around, so the steps you shift can be shorter or longer.

When you think you're done, hit "Apply".

  • Click on the TextEditor. You'll see that the timecodes will change.
  • Save your lyrics

Note: When you click on a bit other than the TimeShifter, the TimeShifter will close and anything you shifted.