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Backup buttons

SMMTools_Button_BackupOriginal.gif SMMTools_Button_BackupKana.gif SMMTools_Button_BackupTimecoded.gif

All these do is, create an extra folder in your song folder and save the text in a file there for backup purposes.

For example, if your song folder looks like this:

    C:\Soramimi\Songs\Chobits\Let Me Be With You

and your textfile is called "Chobits_Let Me Be With You".

Say you press SMMTools_Button_BackupOriginal.gif it creates a textfile called:

    C:\Soramimi\Songs\Chobits\Let Me Be With You\smmtools_work\Chobits_Let Me Be With You_Original.txt

That's all there's to it. It's only for backup purposes. Soramimi Karaoke does not need these files, so you can delete them later on if you don't need them anymore.