Basic usage

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You can start typing at any time without interrupting the songs or playlist display. Whenever you type, a little bar pops up at the bottom of your screen. You can use [ESC] to cancel an action.

Adding songs to the playlist

1) Type a keyword using [A-Z] and [0-9]. This can be a word from the category, title or artist. Partial search keywords are also accepted.
(Note: entering no keywords gives you all the songs available)

2) Hit [ENTER] and a list of search results should show up. If it didn't, try another keyword.

3) Select using the [UP] and [DOWN] arrow keys.

4) Hit [ENTER] and it's added. If the results aren't what you desired, hit [ESC] to start over

Viewing the playlist

1) Type !playlist and hit [ENTER] 2) Scroll using the [UP] and [DOWN] arrow keys.

Deleting songs from the playlist

While you're viewing the playlist, select a song and press [DELETE] to delete an entry.
You have to confirm deletion by pressing [Y]