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Quickstart Manual - Creating a song project with pre-timecoded lyrics

- Start the Soramimi Tools. For this example we're going to add the opening song to the Chobits - Let Me Be With You.

Create a new project
Create a new project by selecting "New Project" from the "Projects" menu.
The "New Project" dialog appears.
Fill in the the relevant fields:

Category: Chobits
Project name: Let Me Be With You

For the mp3 file and lyrics, you can just drop an .mp3 file or .txt file on the dialog and it'll automatically fill in the fields.
For the lyrics, you can also paste it from the clipboard.
When you're done, hit the "Finish" button.
When you hit "Finish", you need to confirm that you really want to create the project.
Hit "OK" and you have a new project.

Loading the new project files

Your newly added project will be available from the projects window.
Open your newly added project with the "Open project files" button. It will then load the .mp3 file into the player and the .txt file into the Text Editor window.

Playing your song + lyrics

When you hit "Play" on the music player, the mp3 should play. When the playing position is between two timecodes, you should be able to see a line highlighted with a line underneath the positions in the Lyric Displayer text.
If the timings are right, you are done. You can add a new version (for example an actual Karaoke version) if you like.
If the timings are off, proceed to the Timeshifting section.