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Path (example) Description
\Soramimi Karaoke Program root folder
This is where all the programs and settings live.
\Songs Songs folder
This contains all categories
\Chobits Category folder
This contains all songs belonging to this category
\Let Me Be With You Song project folder
This contains all the files belonging to the actual song: mp3, txt, xml, jpg, avi, snc.
\Images Images folder
Generic all-purpose images used by the program
\Backgrounds Random Backgrounds folder
Put all your random jpg backgrounds for those songs that have no background with them here. Preferred size: 320x240
\Log Session logs folder
Sing session information will be written here every time you run Soramimi. You can empty this folder if you like.

This is a small example of what the general folder structure within Soramimi Karaoke is. It should be really transparent, but I'll explain some more details.

\Songs folder
This contains all the category folders. Nothing else.

Category folder
Categories that split off the numerous songs some more. These folders only contain Song project folders.

Song project folder
To simplify things, this is always the name of the song. This folder needs at least one mp3 and one timecoded text-file for it to work. Soramimi Karaoke won't detect the song if any of these two is missing. When you've used the Soramimi Karaoke Tools, everything will be automatically generated for you.

Optional files that can be put in this folder:

   * .xml file describing extra information (automatically generated by the Soramimi Karaoke Tools program)
         o Extra version files (for example Karaoke): .mp3, .txt.
   * .jpg file (preferably in 640x480 resolution). Background to display during playback.
   * .avi file: actual background clip (See also: AVI Syncing)
   * .snc file: file that makes the avi file sync to the mp3 (See also: AVI Syncing)

All the images there are being used by the program, so don't mess with it.

There is at least one default background in there. But you can put as many in there as you like. Just keep a small thing in mind, if you're gonna put in images, note that they appear randomly with songs that have no background set. If you want a song to have a specific background, put it in the Song Project folder.
Again, the prefered resolution should be 320x240. Anything else will be rescaled, which might lead to horrible results.