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Global keys

Song adding
[A-Z,0-9,SPACE,BACKSPACE] Type search keyword, hit [ENTER] to do a search
(search) [UP] / [DOWN] Browse through the search results
(search) [ESC] / [BACKSPACE] Exit search mode
Song skipping
F5 Hold to rewind to song start
F7 Hold to skip to song end, but show 'next song' (few seconds to the end)
F8 Hold to skip to song end
SHIFT F5 Rewind 1 second
SHIFT F8 Fast Forward 1 second
Volume changing
F3 Lower volume
F4 Raise volume
SHIFT F3 Mute (0% volume)
SHIFT F4 Max (100% volume)
Insert Hold to insert a break/pause on the playlist screen after current song finished. Hold again to cancel break/pause Typing "!PAUSE" will have the same effect as holding Insert.
F4 Raise volume
ESC Hold to quit program. Hold to quit program. It will prompt to save a playlist backup.

Yes is recommended.

ESC + F8 Immediate exit, it is advised you never use this as it skips the playlist backup prompt.

Global console commands

Note: These commands are prefixed with an exclamation mark (!) to distinguish them from a regular search keyword. Note that, because of these commands, it's unwise to make a project with a name starting with an exclamation mark.

Playlist commands
!PLAYLIST Bring up the playlist
!DELETE Delete last added entry
!DELETE <number> Delete entry number (legacy functionality, it's easier to use !PLAYLIST and hit [DELETE] on the selected entry)
!DELETE ALL Delete entire playlist (but keep playing the currently playing song if any)
!RANDOMLIST Generate a random list using all songs available (picking only the 1st version)
!RANDOMLIST JPG ... using songs that contain a JPG background
!RANDOMLIST AVI ... using songs that contain an AVI background video
!RANDOMLIST JPGAVI ... both JPG and AVI backgrounds
!RANDOMLIST AVIJPG ... both AVI and JPG backgrounds (same as previous command)
!PAUSE Insert a break/pause on the playlist screen after current song finished. Type again to cancel break/pause.