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This is where all the action happens. All the timing is done in this part.
How to add timecodes
Play your mp3 and scroll through the text. Whenever you hit [SPACE] you will place a timecode at the current position.
The cursor will then move to the next word. When you hit [ENTER], a timecode will be placed at the end of the line and the cursor will be put at the start of the next line.

What's the next timecoding position?
<span">Usually, words are seperated by spaces, so naturally, the start of next word will be the next position. However, with Japanese integration and singing in syllables, it will also stop after each underscore.

Though, it's also useful for words like 'EVERYTIME', because most of the time, it's also sung in syllables. What you can then do is, split it by hand into something like: 'E_VE_RY_TIME'. This way, you can put the timecodes within the word itself.


Arrows Move cursor around through the text
Space Place a timecode and move up to the next word
Delete Delete current timecode
Backspace Delete current timecode and move back to previous timecode or word
Enter Place a timecode at the end of the current line and go to the start of next line
Ctrl - Delete Delete all timecodes on current line
Shift - Enter Break a timecoded line into two seperate lines
Shift - Backspace Combine two timecoded lines into one
F Focus on current playing line (still buggy)
Music transportation
[ and ] Rewind / Fast Forward 2500 ms
P Play/Pause
S Stop
+ and - Turn up/down the volume
\ Set play position at first timecode of the current (or previous) line
/ and * Play Slower / Faster