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Because at first, this tool was written for the purpose of making timecoded lyrics from Japanese songs, there's a lot of helper functionality built in. Also, much of shortcuts built in are leftovers of my old tools program. Some of it isn't used that often anymore.

Text panes
There are two text panes, but the left one is the main one where you'll be working the most.
The right one is only for conversion purposes. The right one also doesn't support any of the shortcut keys.


SMMTools_Button_Paste.gif Paste from clipboard (replaces all text with clipboard, not the same as CTRL-V)
SMMTools_Button_LowerCase.gif (or Ctrl - L) Convert all instances of a selection to lowercase
SMMTools_Button_UpperCase.gif (or Ctrl - U) Convert all instances of a selection to uppercase
SMMTools_Button_Replace.gif (or Ctrl - R) Replace all instances of a selection
SMMTools_Button_RemoveUnderScores.gif Remove all underscore characters
SMMTools_Button_RemoveTimeCodes.gif Remove all timecodes
SMMTools_Button_Format.gif Format text using the formatting options (See also: Formating Lyrics)
Ctrl - D Delete all instances of selected text
SMMTools_Button_CopyToLeftPane.gif Copy converted text from right to left text pane
SMMTools_Button_RomajiSeperated.gif Convert to romaji seperated syllables using underscore _ characters
SMMTools_Button_ToKana.gif Convert to Hiragana (according to MS-IME/Hepburn standards)
SMMTools_Button_RomajiNormal.gif Convert to romaji without _ underscore characters. Also converts back to Westernized reading.
SMMTools_Button_BackupOriginal.gif Quicksaves to <song folder>/smmtools_work/<filename>_Original.txt
SMMTools_Button_BackupKana.gif Quicksaves to <song folder>/smmtools_work/<filename>_Kana.txt
SMMTools_Button_BackupTimecoded.gif Quicksaves to <song folder>/smmtools_work/<filename>_Timecoded.txt
AVI Sync save
SMMTools_Button_SaveAVISync.gif Quicksaves to <song folder>/<filename>_Sync.snc

See also: AVI Syncing.