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This is to make Japanese lyrics somewhat easier to timecode.

Convert to Romaji syllables, seperated by underscores


When you're timecoding, the cursor will jump to the next word, but also after underscore _ characters.

Because Japanese is usually sung in syllables, this button will separate them properly.

Note: it's still a bit buggy when dealing with double 'n' characters, like in 'kannazuki' so keep your eyes peeled for those.

ryoute wo sotto

kasanete hora
hohoemu kara

ryo_u_te_ wo_ so_tto_

ka_sa_ne_te_ ho_ra_
ho_ho_e_mu_ ka_ra_

Convert timecoded Romaji seperated syllables to normal timecoded Romaji

Basically removes all the underscores, but also changes the Japanese Romaji reading back to the Western Romaji reading.
(See also: Formatting lyrics).

Note It doesn't change 'wo' back to 'o' because the pronounciation is almost the same.

So, when you're done timecoding, clean up your text using this button.

[00:22:94]ryo_[00:23:17]u_[00:23:40]te_ [00:23:61]wo_ [00:23:85]so_[00:24:31]tto_[00:24:72]

[00:24:82]ka_[00:25:06]sa_[00:25:26]ne_[00:25:47]te_ [00:25:69]ho_[00:26:16]ra_[00:26:53]

[00:26:64]ho_[00:26:88]ho_[00:27:34]e_[00:27:58]mu_ [00:28:02]ka_[00:28:46]ra_[00:29:33]

[00:22:94]ryo[00:23:17]u[00:23:40]te [00:23:61]wo [00:23:85]so[00:24:31]tto[00:24:72]

[00:24:82]ka[00:25:06]sa[00:25:26]ne[00:25:47]te [00:25:69]ho[00:26:16]ra[00:26:53]

[00:26:64]ho[00:26:88]ho[00:27:34]e[00:27:58]mu [00:28:02]ka[00:28:46]ra[00:29:33]

Copy text back to left text pane


When you're satisfied with the converted result, this overwrites the left text pane with the right converted text.